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Titleist Performance Institute in Vancouver

Do you want to make sure your golfing injury is assessed by a professional?

Not only is Anne-Lise a qualified physiotherapist, she's also just completed her Level 2 TPI Certified Medical Professional course with the Titleist Performance Institute in Vancouver.

This means that she's only one of very few Level 2 qualified instructors in Australia.

The Level 2 course focused on:

  • Golf-Specific Injuries and Injury Inducing Swing Mechanics,

  • Advanced Swing Faults,

  • Physical screening procedures, and

  • learning TPI's detailed medical evaluation called the "SFMA - Selective Functional Movement Assessment", its treatment guidelines as well as its exercise progressions.

Anne-Lise looks forward to using her new skills and knowledge with her golfers at Physio4Golf.

Anne-Lise is an experienced Sydney golf physio who combines TPI knowledge and techniques with Physiotherapy and Pilates to ensure that golfers of all ages, men and women, can enjoy their game of golf pain free and at their optimal ability.

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