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About Physio4Golf

Physio4Golf is a physiotherapy clinic currently touring with the LPGA, working with several international athletes to improve their physical abilities and prevent injuries.

Physio4Golf is run by an experienced Sydney golf physio who is also a TPI Certified Instructor and avid golfer.


How? Anne-Lise is skilled in assessing and identifying the idiosyncrasies of an individual's swing and body movements.


She will identify any issues that your body is displaying, and will develop a program of exercises to combat these in order to achieve a more efficient swing.


If you are carrying an injury, the approach by Anne-Lise will be driven by the causes of the injury and she will suggest modifications that can be made to prevent reoccurrence.


The program will also look at your current fitness levels, and can provide a program to ensure that you not only prevent injuries in the future, but you also improve on your performance.

Anne-Lise believes that the best way to improve your game, and ultimately lower your handicap, is best delivered through a cooperative partnership between your teaching professional and herself as a Physiotherapist TPI Certified Instructor.
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