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Lower Back Pain and Golf

Do you suffer from lower back pain when playing golf?

Well, you are certainly not the only one!

Lower back pain has been shown to be the most common golf injury amongst professional and social players.

Don't lose hope, there are solutions.

After years of research, TPI experts have come up with a very specific and thorough assessment process that equips them with the knowledge to make an acurate diagnosis on why and what is causing the pain. From there, the experts work out the "“Body-Swing Connection" by assessing the golfers' swing mechanics which allow them to provide the golfer with the optimal treatment.

As a TPI expert, Anne-Lise can guide all golfers through the process and get them back on the course without pain.

Read more about "The Golfer's Guide to Lower Back Pain" here.

Anne-Lise is an experienced Sydney golf physio who combines TPI knowledge and techniques with Physiotherapy and Pilates to ensure that golfers of all ages, men and women, can enjoy their game of golf pain free and at their optimal ability.

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